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Our Paternity Testing Locations or Patient Service Centers (PSCs) specialize in DNA Paternity Testing.
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MyDNAPaternity.org Testing Centers

Our Paternity Testing Locations or Patient Service Centers (PSCs) specialize in DNA Paternity Testing. Because of the chain of custody procedures, legal or court approved paternity tests must be completed at a PSC. However, non-legal tests can be done at home either by yourselves or through a mobile collector. When scheduling a paternity test with My DNA Paternity Testing Labs, a Case Manager schedules your appointment at the most convenient location for you. We want to make this process simple for you.

What does multiple locations mean to you?

First and foremost, we eliminate the need for travel. Almost always, there is a service center within miles of your home or work which makes it easy for you to stop in and complete the test. If the alleged father and the child live in separate cities or states, let us handle that! Call your local center and tell the case manager about your situation. He or she will be happy to tell you which location will work best for each patient. The test process itself takes roughly 15-30 minutes, so calling ahead helps us to get you in and out quicker. Please feel free to stop in though… We always except walkins!

Second, we are able to work with embassies and tribes. We have obtained all of our certifications for tribal enrollment and immigration testing. Our local labs networking nationally help us keep our certifications. Please utilize our relationships to achieve your goals of immigrating to the United States or enrolling in a Native American tribe. Call and ask about our resources and start your process today!

Third, we are court approved both federally and in every state. For you, this means your results are accepted for tax purposes and for all state programs. Even if you move. You never have to be tested a second time with the child or alleged father!

Lastly, if you move need tested with another child or alleged father, you usually don’t have to submit another sample. You don’t have to be retested if your sample was taken in the last 7 years. Ergo, if there is a second child or second alleged father, we only need their sample. Please call and tell the case manager you have already been tested, and he or she will accommodate!

Our Paternity Testing Locations or Patient Service Centers (PSCs) specialize in DNA Paternity Testing.

DNA testing is needed to establish paternity in legal cases.

The LEGAL TEST Paternity Test

What is the right time to purchase a paternity DNA test?

For legal purposes such as child support, social security, or child custody, a paternity or maternity test can be used to establish an individual's parentage. In addition, the test can be used to put a parent's name on a birth certificate. Keeping legal chain of custody of your sample is of the utmost importance to MyDNAPaternity.org, so the sample can be used as proof in court. The latest technology is used to produce the highest quality results. 99.99% of non-fathers are excluded by our highly accurate tests. Your samples are transported securely, safely, and efficiently by us.

In a legal DNA test, what types of samples are tested?

A buccal swab is the most common type of sample. An inside of your cheek is gently rubbed with a cotton swab to collect this sample. You may also provide blood samples.
Over 13,000 locations worldwide are connected to MyDNAPaternity.org, and more than 1,900 are in the US.

Schedule An Appointment

Once your order has been confirmed and payment is processed, you will be contacted by a representative for an appointment to collect your specimen, or you can call us instead. Over 13,000 locations worldwide are connected to MyDNAPaternity.org, and more than 1,900 are in the US. You will be helped to locate the collection location that is most convenient for you.n location. We are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Central Time.


What are the best times to purchase a non-legal at-home test?

Buying a non-legal at-home test is the best way to determine the paternity or maternity of a child if you're not involved in a court matter. The results should be subjected to a legal test if they may be needed for legal reasons. Both legal and non-legal testing is conducted by MyDNAPaternity.org using the same technology. Unlike legal tests, non-legal or at-home tests allow samples to be collected at your home without following the legal chain-of-custody protocol. 99.99% of men who aren't fathers are excluded by our highly precise tests.

What kind of sample is tested with an at-home test?

You will receive a DNA collection kit. Each kit will contain 4 cotton swabs for the person providing the sample for testing. Samples of DNA can be collected at home by rubbing a cotton swab against the inside of the cheek.
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