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Please be advised that this is our ‘peace of mind’ Home DNA Paternity Test. It does not and will not hold any value for legal proceedings. If you are looking for a test that will assist you in any legal way, we encourage you to call to upgrade to a legally binding in lab DNA Paternity Test.

Why choose a Home DNA Paternity Test?

Home DNA Paternity Tests work just like they sound: you do the DNA Paternity Test at home! A Home DNA Paternity Test is perfect for determining the alleged father in cases where legal paperwork is unnecessary. Home DNA Paternity Tests are great when the child is older, the father has already signed a Paternity Affidavit, or the father is deceased and there isn’t an opportunity for inheritance.

The benefits to having a home paternity test done are:

  • Your peace of mind of the identity of the father.
  • Your privacy as you do not have to go to a local lab.
  • You do not have to take off work to visit the lab.
  • You do not have to pay the in-lab fee. However, your cost of the test does include the processing of the results.

Home testing is for more than paternity.

Paternity testing is the first and foremost priority of ours. However, we can still use the home test to whether or not someone is a child’s grandparent or if multiple children

Home DNA Paternity Test

Home DNA Paternity Test

are full or half siblings.

*If you purchase the Home DNA Paternity Test, it cannot be converted to a legal test.

*PRIVACY STATEMENT – All information provided to us via the phone or through our website is considered confidential and not for trade. We promise our patients that your private information as well as your results are secure.
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