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Published: October 26, 2016

Single Mothers by Choice

Single Mothers by Choice - My DNA Paternity Testing Labs

Single Mothers Should Opt for Paternity Establishment

Single Mothers Should Opt for Paternity Establishment

Have you single mothers checked out this website? Single mothers can use this site as a tool from parenting tips to legal issues concerning raising your children alone!

We here at My DNA Paternity Testing Labs value all of our mothers; however we have a soft spot for those of you going at it alone. (Don't worry dad's, we think about you too!) But we thought about it... How many of you single mothers out there MADE that choice from the very beginning?

Single Mother by Adoption

Adoption is one way of becoming a single mother intentionally. We recommend that all adopted children get maternity testing AND paternity testing. Here's why... Once that child is born, it can go to a very loving home. However, these new, very special parents are not biologically related to the child. That will never change their love for the child, but it does effect the new little bundle of joy's future in a very large way.

You share medical history with only people you are biologically related to. When parents are not biologically related to their child, that child has a whole complex DNA that may have unpredictable turns of events planned for their later years. You as adopted mothers (or fathers, really) could have access to these records by simply confirming the biological parents via dna testing.

The paperwork through adoption can conceal the identity and prevent the biological parents from having anything to do with the child for 18 years or through life. Yet, you can still know all about their medical pasts including addictions, surgeries, and genetic diseases. Sounds like a valuable resource, doesn't it?

Let us know if we can help. Call and schedule your pre or post adoption maternity and paternity tests! 

Single Mother by Conception

Conception is another option for becoming a single mother by choice. We recommend these mother's consider the benefits of having the father's paternity established from the get go as well.

If you make the choice to use a sperm donor, be sure you check into his provided medical history. You will want to know if your child is at risk for the above mentioned medical issues.

However, if you choose to conceive the child physically with a father who will not be a part of the child's life, ask him to get tested post pregnancy. There are waivers you can sign or statements that can be notarized that the paternity test is not to make him financially responsible for the child. Yet, that doesn't change that your child shares some of this man's DNA. You'll want the paperwork establishing him as the father for the child to have a complete medical history for the rest of their lives.

Please seek a consultation with us if you have any questions or concerns about obtaining your child or future child's medical history. 

Single Mother-ing

Again, this website that sparked this whole blog is a great resource for mom's going it alone. Keep in mind there are also Facebook Groups (in addition to ours) and other organizations by State that we provide on each of our Location Pages.


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