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Published: August 10, 2017

Paternity on TV... AGAIN! with Party of Five - Spoiler Alert!

Paternity on TV - Party of Five

Paternity testing on tv

Party of Five
Photo: Aaron Rapoport

The Question of Paternity finds its way on TV again with Party of Five. Viewers are loving this series that made its way onto Netflix. These poor children lost their mother and father in a drunk driving accident, and now they only have each other. The oldest, Charlie becomes responsible for his four younger siblings. The older two, Bailey and Julia, test his patience and second guess his decisions. The younger two, Claudia and Owen, need him and nanny Kurstin in their lives as they grow up. After their ups and downs, Kurstin and Charlie find themselves engaged and planning a wedding. Everyone is ecstatic until an old fling of Charlie's shows up at the door step with a little boy, Spencer, claiming he belongs to Charlie.

Charlie falls for Spencer without a paternity test

At first, Charlie is angry with the woman for hiding his child from him for all these years. And, he's right ladies. Hiding the pregnancy and having the child on your own is a choice. However, reaching out to the father later is an unfair choice. The child and the father deserve to know that the other exists from the beginning. Hiding this interferes with the father's life and the child. The father is just out there living his life until the bomb is dropped one day. And even though he might be ready to father a child or may already be like Charlie, it is a huge shock. Not only that, but you are robbing the child of the chance to know his father. And the father from seeing his child's first steps, first words, etc.

Charlie forgives the woman for not letting him know about the baby. And then Charlie falls for this little boy who is supposedly his. He goes to visit and gives the woman money to help support his 4 year old son. The woman then takes the money and runs. Charlie is so upset and has no way to find the woman. Paternity Testing can help prevent this. If Charlie had had a paternity test, he would have known the child was not his and would not have loaned the money. However, if the child was his he would have had the following:

  • Proof he is the father of the child
  • Access to contact info of the child's if he did not sign over rights
  • Reason to request authorities help in locating his child

Paternity on TV

Every day these new shows pop up on Netflix, Hulu, etc. and oddly, most seem to have a sticky situation where a facility like ours can help you. We know it might seem like no one can understand your particular situation. That it is too crazy how you got pregnant or it's too crazy how the mom told you. Maybe you do not believe the child is yours. Let us help you figure that out! We started this series of Paternity on TV to show that it is a widely acceptable practice. That people require these tests not because of a taboo reason. It's a part of life. Knowing who is your family is a HUGE part of our culture. Why not be sure?

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