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With over 900 locations across the nation to serve you, there’s bound to be a testing location near you! We pride ourselves on being local yet national. Let us explain… Patient Service Centers throughout the United States partnered together to make the process easy for you. We started in St. Louis, Missouri as just one center. We found patients felt comfortable with a small town clinic, but we weren’t able to help anyone outside of a 50 mile radius. The process itself did not take a lot of time, but the commute was just didn’t really welcome anyone outside of St. Louis. Ergo, alleged fathers and children outside of the metro area pushed us to find labs outside of the city that we could work with. This seemed to work great so we called labs further away and further away until this network grew to encompass the whole nation!

Even though we are a national network, we aren’t a call center. You will never call and get a national office. When you call us, you will reach a Case Manager at the service center near you who will be happy to help you with the specific practices of that state and that city. Please call us at our toll free number: (866) GET-DNA9 to be directed to your local lab. Calling ahead allows us to maintain your confidentiality while setting up your appointment.

So what does multiple locations mean to you?

First and foremost, we eliminate the need for travel. Almost always, there is a service center within miles of your home or work which makes it easy for you to stop in and complete the test. If the alleged father and the child live in separate cities or states, let us handle that! Call your local center and tell the case manager about your situation. He or she will be happy to tell you which location will work best for each patient. The test process itself takes roughly 15-30 minutes, so calling ahead helps us to get you in and out quicker. Please feel free to stop in though… We always except walkins!

Second, we are able to work with embassies and tribes. We have obtained all of our certifications for tribal enrollment and immigration testing. Our local labs networking nationally help us keep our certifications. Please utilize our relationships to achieve your goals of immigrating to the United States or enrolling in a Native American tribe. Call and ask about our resources and start your process today!

Third, we are court approved both federally and in every state. For you, this means your results are accepted for tax purposes and for all state programs. Even if you move. You never have to be tested a second time with the child or alleged father!

Lastly, if you move need tested with another child or alleged father, you usually don’t have to submit another sample. You don’t have to be retested if your sample was taken in the last 7 years. Ergo, if there is a second child or second alleged father, we only need their sample. Please call and tell the case manager you have already been tested, and he or she will accommodate!

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