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Results of Home Paternity Tests

Once the lab has received all samples, your report will be posted to your account online within 1-2 business days.

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Do I Need A Home Paternity Test Kit?

You can use a home paternity test kit if you don't anticipate needing results for court or any other legal reasons. All material needed for testing is included in the kit, along with a trackable postage-paid shipping envelope. After you receive your kit, you swab all test participants at home without visiting a clinic. You then seal the sample envelopes and send them to any one of our labs. It's that easy!


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What are the benefits of using a take home dna paternity test?

What are the limitations of a take home dna paternity test?

How accurate are take home dna paternity tests?

What is included in a take home dna paternity test kit?

What is the cost of a take home dna paternity test kit?

The benefits of using a take home DNA paternity test are that you can have access to your results immediately and that it can be used anywhere. 

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We are a leading provider of at-home paternity tests

Hundreds of at-home paternity tests are issued each year by MyDNAPaternity.com, so you can trust that your results are accurate. The test is simple, quick, and safe.

How Home Paternity Test Works

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Simple cheek swabs can be used to collect DNA samples.

Your kit includes a prepaid envelope for submitting your DNA or you can send it via first-class USPS or courier service

Processing your DNA samples:

Our laboratory technicians carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples prior to processing. Independent teams analyze each cheek-swab sample twice to determine paternity. Following this review, we prepare your report with the help of our in-house team of PhDs.

To review your results online.

Simply log on to our secure website once testing is complete. Once testing is complete, you'll receive an email from us.

Our results are completely confidential, and no outside parties will ever have access to your private genetic information.

Over 13,000 locations worldwide are connected to MyDNAPaternity.org, and more than 1,900 are in the US. The labs we use hold the accreditations, not us. 

Schedule An Appointment

Once your order has been confirmed and payment is processed, you will be contacted by a representative for an appointment to collect your specimen, or you can call us instead. Over 13,000 locations worldwide are connected to MyDNAPaternity.org, and more than 1,900 are in the US. You will be helped to locate the collection location that is most convenient for you.n location. We are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Central Time.


What are the best times to purchase a non-legal at-home test?

Buying a non-legal at-home test is the best way to determine the paternity or maternity of a child if you're not involved in a court matter. The results should be subjected to a legal test if they may be needed for legal reasons. Both legal and non-legal testing is conducted by MyDNAPaternity.org using the same technology. Unlike legal tests, non-legal or at-home tests allow samples to be collected at your home without following the legal chain-of-custody protocol. 99.99% of men who aren't fathers are excluded by our highly precise tests.

What kind of sample is tested with an at-home test?

You will receive a DNA collection kit. Each kit will contain 4 cotton swabs for the person providing the sample for testing. Samples of DNA can be collected at home by rubbing a cotton swab against the inside of the cheek.
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