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Published: January 8, 2018

Federal Child Support Law

Federal Child Support Law

Federal Child Support Law

We all depend on our State Child Support Laws, but we don't realize that there is an overarching federal law that protects our children. Child Support is for the kids, and we need to keep that in the forefront of our minds. But her is what you need to know about the Federal Law:

Child Support Consequence #1.

Under Section 228 of Title 18, United States Code it is illegal for the non-custodial parent to not pay their child support for a child living in another state. If he/she hasn't paid in over a year or owes more than $5,000, this is considered a criminal misdemeanor, and if convicted, he/she will spend up to 6 months in prison.

Where I grew up, we were 10 minutes from the state line. Though I lived in Illinois, many of my friends' unmarried parents lived on the St. Louis, Missouri side of the river. To think if they weren't paying for their children, my friend's parent could have gone to jail simply because their is a state line between mommy and daddy's house!

Child Support Consequence #2.

Additionally, if he/she hasn't paid in 2 years or more and owes $10,000 or more it becomes a felony. He or she would be a felon indefinitely for not providing for his or her child. Those are some steep stakes.

Child Support Consequence #3.

Lastly, in either of these circumstances, the non-custodial parent is not allowed to cross state lines or travel outside of the country until all child support is caught up on to the court's wishes


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