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There are several paternity testing companies offering what look like very cheap tests. However, not all paternity tests are of equal quality. To avoid getting an incorrect result, which could have devastating consequences, always ensure that the testing company is fully accredited, preferably by international accreditation bodies such as the AABB and ISO 17025. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025 is the world standard in the certification of competence of testing and calibration of medical diagnostic laboratories. ISO 17025 certification ensures a high level of competence and compliance for the certified laboratory, ensuring that testing is undertaken by professionals. The AABB also certifies laboratories, and runs an accreditation program specifically for high competence levels in parentage testing. The lab used by Advanced DNA Paternity Testing, Inc. is accredited by both bodies. The company uses an adequate number of genetic markers – To cut costs, many companies will use only a small number of genetic markers, which severely limits their accuracy. They will quote a 99% accuracy which sounds high, but in fact means that 1 in every 100 of their tests results are INCORRECT – are you willing to risk that on such an important result? DNA Paternity Testing Inc. uses at least 16 genetic markers for testing, meaning the chance that these markers will assign paternity incorrectly is as low as 1 in several billion.

Many companies have hidden costs. They will lure you in with the promise of a cheap test, then charge you extra for shipping, for rapid results, or even to provide a copy of the results. DNA Paternity Testing guarantees that you will pay NO MORE than the advertised price – shipping of the test kit, results, and testing is all included.

The sample is taken simply by gently rubbing a soft swab on the inside of the cheek. No blood or other sample collection is required so the testing is painless and non-invasive. All instructions are provided in our free test kits.
We test a number of genetic locations (known as ‘loci’) for each test in accordance with international paternity testing standards (including ISO 17025 guidelines) – which provides unsurpassed confidence in the paternity result. We utilize various population genetics statistics such as the Paternity Index to calculate test results. This allows us to exclude paternity with 100% accuracy, and include paternity with up to 99.99% accuracy. With accuracies this high, Advanced DNA Paternity Testing, Inc. provides the only paternity test you will ever need.
The frequency of a given allele for each of the loci we test generally changes depending on the ethnicity of the parents – i.e. genetic differences between people of Caucasian, African, Hispanic, or Asian backgrounds.
It is entirely up to you. However the accuracy of the paternity test will be slightly enhanced if we have this information. If this data is not provided, we will simply use the lowest Paternity Index value for each loci, which will generally still produce a result which is 99.99% accurate.
Results will simply be reported to you as a probability that the alleged father of the child is in fact the father. As we provide high quality testing services, this will most often either be 0% (indicating the alleged father is NOT the child’s true father), or >99.9% (indicating that the alleged father is almost certainly the child’s true father). The conclusions of the test are stated plainly in the report. Either the report can be emailed to a specific email address, posted, or both. This can be selected upon ordering.
This is not required, and many paternity tests are done with only samples from the child and alleged father. Testing including the mother can often increase the accuracy of testing however, and we will include the mother in a standard test at an additional cost.
The mother’s permission is not required for our peace-of-mind testing. However, for a court-admissible paternity test, the requirements may be different depending on your state of residence.
There is no minimum age requirement for the child (indeed paternity testing is frequently performed shortly after birth). The samples are collected painlessly by rubbing a soft swab in the inside of the cheek so it is painless, non-invasive, and simple to collect, even from a young child.
This is no problem – we can send out multiple information kits at no extra charge, and will simply wait until we have received all samples from the different locations and will then process the samples together. Or, each person may be tested in different cities should a legal test be needed. Additional Fees may apply.
If for any reason a swab cannot be collected for any of the individuals being tested, genetic material can often also be collected from other sources, including saliva (e.g. on chewed gum or cigarette butts), blood stains (e.g. on a razor), hair (e.g. from a hairbrush), or other forensic samples.
Court-admissible paternity tests require special collection and processing and thus are generally more expensive than “peace-of-mind”, non-court-admissible paternity tests (it is important to note, however, our “peace-of-mind” tests provide an accuracy equal to or greater than all internationally accepted court-admissible paternity tests). In our experience, the majority of paternity tests reveal that the alleged father of the child in question is in fact the true biological father. Therefore, performing an initial “peace-of-mind” paternity test at much less expense is usually far more cost-effective for the majority of our clients. If a court-admissible test is required, however, please contact us and we can make arrangements for one depending on your area of residence.
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