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Published: May 7, 2018

Why do you need DNA Testing?

Why do you need DNA Testing?

DNA testing is the use of DNA profiling to determine whether two individuals are biologically related. A paternity test establishes the biological father of a child. And a maternity test establishes the biological mother of a child.

Why do you need DNA Testing? Having a DNA test done is important in determining child support, custody, and many other things such as your original parents if you are adopted. If you are adopted, you need a paternity or a maternity test to ensure that you have found the right family.

Adopted Family Members and DNA Testing

If you were adopted out at a very young age do to orphanage, teenage pregnancy, what have you, your records might not reflect accurate names of your biological parents, and one day you might meet someone who looks like you or has a similar name at some point in life. It happens. Trust us. At this point in time, adoptees and parents who are looking opt for DNA testing to confirm their thoughts.

Sometimes, DNA testing reveals we found a relative which is an excellent starting point in finding your biological family or at the very least, a hint of your medical history.

DNA Testing and Everyone Else

Most people who are adopted as babies don't care about finding their biological parents unless they have a horrible upbringing in foster systems or group homes or as just mentioned, medical histories. However, those who do not experience adoption need DNA testing regularly too.

We said earlier establishing relationships helps with child support cases and custody battles. But children who are from non-married parents also need DNA testing to have legal accessibility to medical records of their parents just like adoptees. Additionally, if their is any question by insurances or other paperwork intensive obligations, a DNA test can help those government or organization figures allot the right amount to the child as agreed.

Why write about DNA Testing?

We right about the reasons for DNA Testing because we want to take the stigma out of the test procedure. Having a DNA test should not be as scary as the boogie man. Its sole purpose always has been and always will be to link family members together and to provide the proof that is assumed when a child is born to a married couple. In fact, did you know that children born to families of surrogacy, artificial insemination, or civil unions aren't always assumed to belong to those involved?

In some states, DNA testing is the only way to confirm identities of parents in these situations that are becoming so much more common in today's world. Therefore, we must keep writing about and acknowledging DNA testing and how it helps us with identity in our ever changing world.

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