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Published: March 23, 2017

Can I get a DNA test while pregnant?

Can I get a DNA test while pregnant?

The short answer is "yes, you CAN get a DNA test while pregnant!" And here's how...

At My DNA Paternity Testing Labs, we offer the option of a prenatal paternity test via a blood sample as early as 8 weeks. As scary as needles can be, this is the safest way to determine the father of your child prior to delivery.

How does a DNA test while pregnant work?

DNA is obtained from the mother and the alleged father to determine the biological father of the baby. We collect a blood sample from the mother. A simple blood draw similar to the one the mother is already giving for hormone and gestational diabetes check ups. The mother's blood contains the baby's DNA referred to as the alpha-fet0protein medically. This provides us with the genetic make up of the baby prior to delivery.

We then collect a saliva sample from the alleged father which provides us with his DNA for comparison to the child's. With this advanced science, you are able to know the identity of the father by the middle of your FIRST trimester!

There are some restrictions...

Unfortunately, we aren't able to test mothers who are carrying multiple fetuses. Because some twins are fraternal, there is slim chance they could have different fathers. Therefore, we are not able to completely conclude that a man is the father of one or both of the children.

Additionally, if the potential fathers of the child are biologically related, we cannot test them prior to birth. It's just too much of a fine line to really pin point the father.

Finally, as you can see in the video, we are unable to accept outside samples from the lab in this test or any test we perform for that matter. My DNA Paternity respects your privacy. However, we do not perform tests using toothbrushes, forks, etc. We accept hair samples only in instances when one of the participants is deceased.


Please call us at 1-866-GET-DNA9 to get them answered!

*Please note that the kit for purchase on the website is for babies who have already been born. We MUST schedule your appointment for a prenatal paternity test in one of our labs or with one of our mobile collectors. Please keep in mind that tests performed with mobile collectors include a collection fee.

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