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Published: July 5, 2016

Blood Sample needed from Prince for Paternity Testing

Blood Sample ordered from Prince

Photo by NBC New York.

An order for a blood sample from Prince was filed at the beginning of May in Carver County, Minnesota. The results of a blood sample test can be used to settle any potential claims of paternity against Prince.

Prince asked for a vial of his blood to be kept for such purposes prior to his cremation. However, no one has claimed Prince to be their father yet. With companies such as ours, a blood sample at the time of death is the best way to guard one's family against potential lawsuits. A blood sample is usable up to 7 years. Typically, Judge's require those who want to inherit portions of an estate complete their test prior to sample expiration.

After expiration, family ties are determined by testing with a sibling of Prince's, a.k.a. the child's potential aunt or uncle. Another option is to test the alleged child with a confirmed child of Prince's. However, the children confirmed after the sample's expiration will not receive benefits as per the estate judgment.

In Prince's specific case, he did not have a will. Therefore, his sister Tyka Nelson and four of his five surviving half-siblings appeared in court to begin sorting out the late singer's estate. Prince's estate is worth millions, leading to a long road to toll for these grieving family members. The judge of that hearing formalized the appointment of Bremer Trust to handle the estate's financial matters.


*Information provided about Prince's case gathered from CBS New's Ned Ehrbar. Please consult his article and follow his feed for any updates on Prince's case.

*This case is cited as an example of how DNA Paternity Testing Services can help in the case of a deceased alleged father. Please contact us with your specific concerns about DNA Paternity Testing for estate or inheritance  purposes at 866-GET-DNA9.

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