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Published: September 25, 2017

Paternity on TV.. AGAIN! Bridgett Jone's Baby

Bridgett Jone's Baby


Bridgett Jone's Baby is the most recent of the Bridgett Jone's movies. And Bridgett Jone's Baby is an example of just how easy someone could end up in a situation where they need a paternity test... (SPOILERS AHEAD)

In the movie, Bridgett (Renée Zellweger) is single and runs into one of the two loves of her life at the other's funeral. Nothing happens between her and Mark (Collin Firth) until her friend's baptism. However, in the mean time Bridgett celebrates her birthday at a festival where she hooks up with a guy named Jack (Patrick Dempsey). The two encounters are too close for comfort, and Bridgett has to fess up to what the problem is.

Bridgett Jone's Baby's Prenatal Paternity Test

Part of the way into her pregnancy her doctor offers her a paternity test where she has to pull the amniotic fluid. Bridgett could have solved the daddy mystery right then and there, but the needle for the amniotic fluid test freaked her out. Us too. That's why we use the much safer method of pulling blood from the mother and saliva from the father.

But instead, both guys stick it out with her being there for every moment just in case they might be the dad. One is bound to end up heartbroken.

Bridgett Jone's Baby's Paternity Test

Finally, Bridgett Jone's Baby is born! The doctor has a test done immediately. That's just Hollywood. It actually takes a bit longer to get ahold of a professional such as ourselves to come in and do the test in the hospital unless a c-section is planned. However, the two guys go back and then life flashes forward and we see Bridett and Mark Darcy's beautiful wedding with their one your old son in attendance. Jack is still around as we was a major part of Bridgett's pregnancy and now their son's life.

- The End -

Bridgett Jone's Baby's Makes it look so simple

Ok, so you might be thinking "That would never work in real life." Probably not. But it's better to be honest and tell the two guys from the start about the possibility of their parentage. Then from there we can discuss the options as to proving who is who based on the science through safe and simple procedures.

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