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Affordable. Fast. Accurate Test

A Network of Local Labs

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Affordable. Fast. Accurate Test

A Network of Local Labs

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My DNA Paternity Testings Labs – A Network of Local Labs

My DNA Paternity Testing Labs is a network of local labs and mobile collectors dedicated to DNA Testing. Our vision is to provide DNA testing to all persons, coast to coast, while meeting the upmost requirements set forth by every state in the nation.

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Welcome to My DNA Paternity Testing Labs!

**Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic our locations have instated a few restrictions to keep you and our staff safe! Please see your location’s page for details.**

First and foremost, the labs we work with are highly rated for their accuracy in testing and excellence in customer support. Every lab we invite into our coalition is certified by the AABB and ISO 17025, two of the most crucial accreditations in the DNA Testing field.

Secondly, our focus on meeting the highest requirements of every state ensures your results are admissible for any and every need you could possibly have.

Finally, we pride ourselves on helping you find the answers you need. Our Staff includes knowledgable case managers, technicians, and mobile collectors who are all certified to complete and translate our tests.

So, how can we help you? We welcome you to shop around our Types of Tests Page or Call a Case Manager to discuss your specific situation and goals.

My DNA Paternity Testing Labs’ Case Managers

Because we only work with the best labs, we ensure you that our case managers are the most knowledgable in the field as well. Your case manager’s job is to make paternity testing simple for you. Your case manager will help you find the best location and can even schedule your appointment same day.

If you have extenuating circumstances such as the alleged father lives out of state or you’re struggling to pay for the test, tell your case manager. We have several ways to make paternity testing possible for you. Our mission at My DNA Paternity Testing Labs is to give you and your family the results you need without the headache.

Paternity Testing is a sensitive matter, and we focus on being flexible to meet every individual’s testing needs.


100% Customer Support
100% Privacy

Why Choose My DNA Paternity Testing Labs?

My DNA Paternity Testing Labs is the most highly ranked network of labs because of our labs and mobile collectors. Using our labs and mobile collectors, we ensure convenience and quality control because:

  • Quality based on our labs and mobile collectors’ customer service, cleanliness, and accuracy
  • We test 21 different genomes for highest accuracy
  • Our labs and mobile collectors are located nationwide in small towns and big cities for your convenience
  • My DNA Paternity produces results admissible by US Courts, Embassies, and Tribal Courts

Because family is so important to us here in the United States, our specialists are excited to deliver you the results you need. If parents are not available, ask your case manager about testing siblings, aunts, uncles, or grandparents to determine your family relations.

Because the results of a saliva sample yield the same as a blood sample, we no longer have to use needles! We collect a saliva samlpe by:

  • Gently rubbing a soft buccal swab on the inside of the cheek. One on the right, and one on the left.
  • Set down to dry for a few seconds
  • Placed in envelope with label
  • Samples sent to lab for testing

Additionally, we do not require fasting prior to the test. It really is as simple as coming in on your lunch break or after school.

However, we require a blood sample from the mother if the paternity testing is being performed during pregnancy. Sorry ladies! Yet this sample is no different that those taken by your doctor when they establish the gender of the baby and is much safer than the amniotic fluid test performed by doctors. Although its a strange concept, the women’s DNA contains the baby’s DNA throughout pregnancy. Therefore, we can deduce the baby’s DNA from the mother’s DNA and then match it to the saliva sample provided by the alleged father. And this allows us to establish paternity prior to birth.

Many of our competitors tack on additional fees, such as:

  • Lab fees
  • Result fees be it single, multiple, or original copies
  • Fees for sending results to multiple addresses

With us, one flat fee includes all of the costs from DNA sample collection to providing final results. Final results are typically available within 3-5 days of testing. And we deliver these in multiple ways: emailed PDF, mailed copies, or originals.

Though you are welcome to them, we urge you to keep the original results on file with us for many reasons:

  • Courts may not accept them from your personal address.
  • Unfortunately, there is only one original, so if lost you will have to pay for a new test. If damaged on our premises, we redo the test free of charge.
  • Embassies require your original results be mailed directly from My DNA Paternity. In cases of immigration, you will not obtain the originals at any time. Again, no additional fee. We include this cost in the test price.

Yet if you insist on having the originals, we will not stop you.

Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us! When you call in and talk to our case managers, we do not record your call. We want you to feel comfortable talking to our case managers as counselors. Our privacy statement guarantees:

  • Information entered into this site is not for sale and is protected by site security
  • Information shared by phone or email is not available to third parties or other patients
  • We do not share personal information or appointment information with the other patients without permission or court order
  • We abide by all HIPAA laws.

If scheduling patients together causes a conflict, please let us know. We would never want to jeopardize the safety of our patients.


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