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Our network of local labs and mobile collectors are dedicated to DNA Testing. Our vision is to provide DNA testing to all persons, coast to coast, while meeting the upmost requirements set forth by every state in the nation.

Court Approved
Paternity Testing

Needed for Custody Battles, Estate Insurance and other court approved papers.

PreNatal Testing

Complete while pregnant. Requires a blood sample from the mother and a saliva sample from the father.

Home DNA Testing

Use our vast network of labs across the country or one near you. Home based test recommended in testing for your knowledge only. 

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Paternity Testing

Legal or In-Lab Paternity Testing. Nonlegal DNA Paternity Testing cannot be used in a court of law as evidence and is strictly for security and peace of mind between the mother and the father of a child.

Non-Invasive Prenantal DNA Paternity Testing

A prenatal test can be performed on or after the tenth week of the gestational period (pregnancy).

Post Mortem or “After Death” DNA Paternity Test

Is helpful in situations when one is trying to collect benefits of social security, life insurance, or trying to obtain medical records for future use.

Maternity DNA Testing

There are situations when determining the biological mother of a child is important.
Immigration is the first condition when Maternity DNA Testing is vital.

Siblingship DNA Test

Two individuals are tested to determine whether they are half or full siblings, i.e. share one or both of their biological parents.

Avuncular DNA Testing

Used to determine the relatedness between a child and his or her uncle or aunt in the event that the biological parent that links the relationship is deceased or unavailable for paternity or maternity testing.

Immigration DNA Testing

Any of our types of tests can be used for immigration as long as it is a Legal In Lab DNA Test.

DNA Testing for Tribal Enrollment

We have several connections with tribal nations to help with your enrollment procedures. We are familiar with the tribal courts and the paperwork that needs to be organized for tribal member enrollment.

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